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Kirby Seid is committed to understanding and teaching the emerging importance of “crystal/mineral consciousness” is presenting to the evolvement of our own human consciousness. His extensive research and work with crystals and stones calls forth the manner into which they have long been integrated into every niche of our history, culture and technology. Mr. Seid has been a student of metaphysics, shamanistic practices, psychology, and music for many years. Holding a BA in Humanistic Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, Mr. Seid began his education by exploring the human psyche. These studies led him to pursue more extensive research in anthropology, sociology, neurobiology, and spirituality with professionals from differing fields and perspectives.

An entrepreneur for 20 years, Mr. Seid has traveled the globe in search of fine minerals, fossils and crystals and artifacts; providing them to museums, collectors, practicing spiritual teachers and shamans; gift and educational stores. His work has brought him into contact with artists throughout the United States, China and Brazil, who focus on producing and reproducing sacred artifacts and tools from crystal, for application in various spiritual practices.

Mr. Seid is cofounder of Ancient Technologies , a business and laboratory dedicated to the advancement of Liminal Light. Liminal Light calls upon saturating natural quartz crystals with resonant light fields. His work has revealed that by combining light frequencies with natural crystals, then adding the human attributes of attention and Intention, profound states of awareness are produced.

The Liminal Light Project has attracted the attention of artists, spiritual teachers, professionals within the healing arts, researchers of para-psychological phenomenom, and crystal collectors. With collaborator, Randall Fontes, Mr. Seid teaches Liminal Light workshops nation-wide, most recently at the renowned Omega Institute in New York.

Kirby Seid is dedicated to introducing people to new innovations combined with ancient tools to further the exploration of consciousness through beauty and co-creation. His workshops promote a depth of experience that facilitate self-healing and self-realization.

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