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About Quartz

"Although the crystal may be used for "mind to mind" communications, its higher purpose . . . is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering." Marcel Vogel, Senior Scientist with IBM for 27 years and globally respected quartz crystal researcher

Quartz is the most common mineral on earth and also the most varied. Crystal healing is actually thousands of years old; minerals were applied for healing purposes by many ancient civilizations. Quartz and other minerals have been used in many cultures as tools for divination of higher knowledge and sacred ceremony. Druid priests, Tibetan monks and Native Americans held crystals as sacred power objects.

Quartz has also been crucial to the technological advancement in our modern world. The basic force in quartz crystal, called silicon dioxide, has a piezoelectric potential which means when heat, pressure or any type of impact is applied, the electrons in the silicon dioxide begin to jump from their orbit and release a mild electrical charge that can be harnessed. The electrical charge is an oscillating vibration that is so constant and accurate it is harnessed for radios, computer chips, and quartz watches. Because quartz has unique properties such as piezoelectricity, energy storage and amplification abilities, it has helped us create many of our modern tools of technology, such as lasers, optics, computers, communication systems, radio, television, ultrasound and much more.

Additionally, many cultures have explored the use of quartz properties in healing. In our modern world we are only beginning to recall our spiritual relationship to this very important mineral. Quartz creates a resonant field that interacts with the subtle energy fields of our human biology. Quartz can help harmonize and amplify intention. For example, you can meditate on a state of confidence and trusting, and then hold a crystal and use your conscious intent to program the quartz to maintain that frequency of vibration. It will not only hold but also amplify that frequency. The quartz will continue to radiate that state throughout your immediate environment and support your own energetic field. As quartz amplifies, stores, focuses, transmits and transforms energy, it can be programmed with the resonance of what you wish to send out into your world, which will be amplified into the earth's energy field and the etheric realms. When working with quartz keep a clear positive intention, for yourself, others or for the world.

Clear Quartz can be used for meditation, healing, communication with your guides, co creation, multidimensional travel, dreaming, prosperity and more. Quartz can help access different dimensions, and be coded with the information received as a touchstone back into those resonances. It assists one in being receptive to heightened spiritual awareness, higher communication and guidance. In many spiritual traditions people see loving beings from beyond the physical plane as light. These may come in the form of benevolent guides or helping and delivering messages and healings of hope, new solutions and miracles. Crystals can act as portals to help us to communicate and co create with these light beings.

For meditative purposes, quartz is extremely helpful. Millions of years of geologic forces in which tremendous heat, pressure, alchemy, and chemistry united to create the unique vibrational resonance of quartz. When you connect with quartz you can connect with the planet on a very deep rhythmic level. The quartz molecular structure is very organized- Quartz can align your energy fields, allowing you to connect with nature and return to a state of wholeness and belonging. When simply holding a mineral some people have the experience of their body, mind and emotions immediately calming down, more in harmony and open to spiritual levels. Our bodies are filled with silica molecules that vibrate in resonance with the molecules in quartz. During a meditation with quartz, this can help calm your nervous system and assist with focusing your attention. Metaphysical crystal teachers believe that quartz facilitates altered states of consciousness and can assist receiving information from the spiritual realms as well as helping to develop both creative and psychic abilities of the mind.

From an animistic viewpoint, quartz crystals can be appreciated as sentient beings. Just as there are evolutionary forces at work in the animate world we regard as life, the mineral kingdom has its own movement on an entirely different time scale. Many quartz crystals are between 40 million to 400 million years old and are like memory chips that have been recording the frequencies of our planet's growth. If we learn to transcend our limited awareness of time and space, we can begin to relate to these life forces in their own evolutionary movement and begin to comprehend their purpose and destiny. Crystals are pieces of the bigger picture and act as markers that have information for us - the memory that we are part of everything. In that remembrance what dissolves is our sense of being lost and separate, a fundamental feeling of hopelessness. What can emerge is a knowledge that we belong in an intelligent universe filled with other magnificent consciousnesses that we can co create with.

As you develop a relationship with the quartz, the crystal you are sitting with can act as a talisman. It can bring you very quickly in communion with your greater self. It can also be a touchstone for grounding your energy during journeys. Talismans can help you feel whole and connected to a higher guiding energy while you explore new adventures in imaginal realms.
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