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There are so many wonderful minerals and their special qualities. Discover what you are intuitively attracted to, and this inner knowing will lead you to the crystals and other minerals that can best assist you.

Agate comes in a wonderful variety and is of the Chalcedony family. It is used for protection and attracting strength. Agate has a very stabilizing and strengthening influence. Agates help protect from energy drains and general stress, and are great for stabilizing the auric field. Agate can also help one accept emotions and awaken inherent talents. All agates are good for stabilizing, and specific agates have added abilities: Blue Lace Agate is for confidence in communication; Moss Agate is good for balance connecting with healing earth energy; Fire Agate assists with vitality, sexuality and creativity; Dendritic Agate helps with inner growth and wisdom; Holly Blue is for psychic abilities; Purple Sage is good for healing; and there are more that you can read about in crystal books.

Amber energies are warm and help in achieving a state of well-being. The soothing warm vibration of amber nurtures positive states of health, and is good for maintaining health as well as recovering from illness. Amber is an energy purifier and an excellent stone for both health and assisting protection - because it transforms negativity into clear energy. Amber originally was tree sap that was petrified; the tree sap is a protective part of the tree and so holds the energies of protection. Amber is also good for assisting transformation, since it holds the wisdom of having moved from the plant kingdom to a form of the mineral kingdom.

Amethyst stimulates the crown chakra, which is very helpful for meditation and mental clarity, and helps one be content, calm and peaceful. The color of amethyst is regal. It helps the mind and spirit connect with divine consciousness and love. It is good for finding serenity and balancing the intuitive, emotional and physical bodies. Amethyst also clears energy fields of negativity and creates a protective bubble around the person or place. It is good for purifying the environment and keeping all kinds of healing spaces clear. It can also assist flexibility in decision making.

Apatite is good for relaxation, revitalization and receptivity to knowledge. This is a wonderful piece for frayed nerves and reducing stress. It is soothing and cooling for the heart, throat and third eye chakras and can stimulate the intellect. Green apatite is good for manifesting one's vision, as it enhances hope and courage, and can help one attract the flow of abundance. It is helpful when recovering from a long illness or adversity. Green apatite also assists communication with nature spirits, and is a good stone for humanitarian pursuits.

is a stone for courage, vitality, confidence and action. It is of the agate family, so it is good for stabilizing and strengthening. It can help one to accept change. Carnelian stimulates the first three chakras and strengthens the creative energies good for problem solving, decision making and taking action. This makes it a great stone for leadership and success. Carnelian is considered an energy booster - it helps increase the body's life force and vitality. Carnelian is also considered good for protection from negative emotions and depression.

Celestite is a stone of self-expression, and also a stone for communication with the Higher Self, angelic beings and higher dimensions. It is very good for the 5th, 6th and 7th Chakras. It is called the Fairy Stone and helps one connect with elementals and realize gifts of the Divine. It is a stone of hope; it can help one dismiss worry and bring calm and harmony. Celestite is a lovely stone for cultivating serenity. It can be helpful for inner travel and dream recall. Celestite holds a paradox: it is cooling, airy and watery with also an explosive energy when other minerals are applied in chemistry. It is both soothing and calming with a brilliant uplifting and inspiring quality.

Charoite can help reveal one's life path or mission. It is a stone of transformation, used for overcoming fears, and embracing physical and emotional healing. Charoite purifies inner negativity and is good for releasing judgment of self and others - which naturally enhances goodness and generosity. It is also a stone of courage and stamina. Charoite can be helpful in bringing more flow and magic into one's life. It is found in only one location - along the Chary River at Aldan in Russia.

Citrine is optimistic and joyful and can be good for manifesting abundance. Citrine is a stone of happiness and protection from negative thoughts and energy. It doesn't hold negative energy at all, so it never needs clearing. Citrine is a great stone for the sixth chakra - for mental clarity and enhanced imagination and creativity. Citrine also strengthens the second and third chakras and assists the will in manifestation- to help bring things into form. It is a merchant stone - considered very good for cash boxes and augmenting wealth. Citrine enhances personal gifts and lifts inspiration, hope and passion. It's a good stone to stimulate mental focus and endurance - to help you not just think about it, but do it!

is a group name of the tactosilicates, including moonstone and labradorite, and has a nice feminine energy. It promotes self-awareness and self-love. Feldspar stones are said to help one let go of addictions to the past. It can assist in reading inner and outer messages in one's reality. Feldspar is often found in moon rocks, which is thought as a psychic bridge to off world intelligence.

Flourite was originally called fluorspar. It comes in many colors including yellow, blue, pink, purple and green, and sometimes beautiful combinations of colors. Fluorite is good for clearing confusion and bringing order to chaos. It is a very good stone for health and harmony. Fluorite is considered a psychic vacuum cleaner because it absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations - it is a great stone to place in all environments. Also known as the "Genius Stone", fluorite increases mental concentration and balances the brain. It can help one choose a direction and plan needed steps. Green is specifically for health and harmonizing the heart. Violet purifies the mind and increase mental capabilities. Pink activates the heart chakra. Multicolored cleanses negativity, repairs and harmonizes.

Garnet is said to boost energy, and is good for staying positive and manifesting what you really want. It is associated with self-confidence and success in career. It is helpful for protection and healing. Red garnet resonates with the root chakras, and inspires passion, creativity and intimacy.

Jasper is a traditional stone used by many shamans and healers. It is great for protection, healing and stimulating magic. It is also good for grounding with the earth. Red Jasper increases physical vitality and life force or chi, and strengthens the root chakra. Red Jasper also stimulates creative ideas and discipline so it is very good for self-mastery. The energy in Jasper is very stable so it helps increase health, and ease and balance stressful emotions. It is a great stone to have in your home for it's balancing energies. It is said to protect from fears in the night. It is a stone of protection and courage, and can help one speak out. It was used for protection in ancient times by priests and kings.

Kyanite. Blue Kyanite is a great stone for communication because it creates bridges of energy. It has a very high vibration and open psychic channels, which promotes communication with higher sources. It is also a great stone for lucid dreaming. Kyanite aligns and opens all chakras, and harmonizes and calms all the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies quickly. It is good for clearing anger. Kyanite is also good for cleansing other stones and energetic fields because, like citrine, it doesn't hold any negative energy.

Labradorite is good for magical work because it stimulates imagination, enthusiasm and inspiration. Labradorite awakens awareness of one's inner light and knowledge from within - abilities such as intuition, psychic abilities, and communication with higher sources. It is a helpful stone for interdimensional travel, adventure, and self-mastery. Considered a power stone for magicians and shamans, it can help one shift conscious vibration and access travel between worlds - to retrieve possibility for the highest good. Labradorite also helps uncover belief patterns helpful for transformation.

Lapis is known as a stone of total awareness. It is a stone of royalty and spirituality. Lapis is good for inner peace, freedom from negative thoughts, and activating the psychic centers and intuition, especially the third eye and throat chakras. In ancient Egypt Lapis held great significance as a royal and healing stone. Lapis is also considered a channeling stone for attunement to creative source energies. Lapis helps open pathways to the imaginal realms. Lapis enhances learning and teaching, and helps augment truthful communication.

Malachite is a great stone to promote leadership, creativity, and confidence. It helps with healing of the heart, by harmonizing the heart chakra. Malachite also permeates the auric field with positive vibrations and the vibration of good luck. Malachite is a good stone for enlightened leadership. Malachite assists the third chakra and enhances energies of creativity, willpower, confidence, and right action to manifest personal and divine will. It is also considered a stone of protection one from negativity.

Mahogany Obsidian can help release and heal limitations, old emotional wounds and blockages. It can open one's creative energies. It helps clear and energize the second chakra, which is important work for moving out of scarcity into abundance.

is a great stone for physical and emotional grounding and protection. It creates a shield repelling negativity and helps one stay connected with earth energies. It can help one dispel chattering negative thoughts. Obsidian energy is also about rebirth and new possibilities. It is good stone for taking the old useless parts of reality and transforming them into new forms.

Ocean Jasper resonates with the earth, the connection with nature and the joy in life. It offers healing to the heart. Ocean jasper helps one be in communion with all planetary beings and to reawaken the joy of connection with the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. This is a good piece for working with planetary oneness and healing.

Onyx promotes inner strength, enhances endurance and boosts mental focus, clarity and attention to detail. It is a great piece for any kind of work that calls for a high level of focus and discipline. It is also said to eliminate negative thinking and bring spiritual inspiration. Onyx is a good stone for self-mastery and personal power. It can help one focus and direct the will. It calms anxiety and soothes tempers. Onyx can also help resolve grief.

Quartz - Clear quartz is great for meditation and healing environments as it brings harmony, clarity of thought and purpose, and stimulates psychic perception. Quartz amplifies, stores, focuses, transmits and transforms energy, and can be programmed with the resonance of what you wish to send out into your world, which will be amplified into the earth's energy field and the etheric realms. When working with quartz it is a good idea to imagine your clear positive intention, for yourself, others and for the world. Clear Quartz can be used for meditation, healing, communication with your guides, co creation, multidimensional travel, dreaming, prosperity and more. Quartz can help access different dimensions, and be coded with the information received as a touchstone back into those resonances. Additionally, clear quartz stimulates all the chakras, and at the same time it assists one in being receptive to heightened spiritual awareness, and higher communication and guidance. Quartz amplifies the energy of all other stones- you can use it to charge and set resonances in other crystals. Because it stores and amplifies energy it is a good idea to periodically cleanse your quartz.

Rose Quartz is a stone of love, for self, others, the world and the Divine. It clears the emotional body and creates a bubble of love energy around oneself, and stimulates and nurtures the heart chakra. It can help heal the wounds of the heart and renew trust. It has exceptionally soothing vibrations and augments the release of stress. It can stimulate the other chakras with an abundance of love and bring them in harmony with the heart. Rose quartz is wonderful to have in your home, to meditate with, to use for healing, and to wear. Rose quartz transforms negativity into compassionate understanding. Lavender Rose Quartz has a slight light blue shade that creates the lavender rose color. This lovely mix promotes a blending of the 4th and 5th chakras, providing extra help for loving communication and expression. Lavender rose quartz has a calming and gentle uplifting quality.

Rutilated Quartz is filled with sparkling titanium rutile formations, often in silver, gold, red and brown. Rutile formations magnify the effects of the particular type of quartz, and add a vibrant quality to the energies. Rutile is good for smoother transitions and ease of growth with any process one is working on - helps in finding the core of a problem.

Ruby is good for grounding and creating safety, security and protection. It also stimulates intuitive psychic abilities. Ruby emanates a vibrant red ray energy for passion, life force, enthusiasm and courage. This can help with banishing destructive forces. Ruby is considered a star of purity and is great for purifying and clearing trapped energy in chakras and auric fields. Ruby is also known to amplify emotions and is helpful for bringing buried emotions to the surface for healing. It is also a good blood cleanser and in the emotional body can help cleanse issues of family.

Ruby Fuschite
combines lovely soft shades of greens and sometimes creams with brilliant flashes of ruby red. Ruby is known to amplify emotions and is helpful for bringing buried emotions to the surface for healing. Fuschite can renew a state of well being after an emotional confrontation and help speed up healing. It can also activate compassion and lift the spirit. This is a great combination for doing emotional healing work with yourself and with others.

Serpentine gets its name from the word 'serpent' because it resembles the skin of a snake. Historically, it was used to guard against disease and sorcery. Serpentine is a good stone for meditation. It is a stone of the earth element and radiates the order of nature; it is a good stone for finding inner peace and joy. It also helps release fears of change. It is said to clear blocked energies, soothe emotions and renew one's energy. Serpentine can soothe cramps and help kidney and stomach complaints.

Smokey Quartz is especially good for balancing and grounding one's body on the physical plane - which is important for receiving what you wish to create. It also absorbs and transmutes negative energies, and is a great stone for clearing purifying negativity from environments. It works slowly and steadily, with often very profound effects. It can reduce dissonant energies in your home and healing space. It is also helpful to have near the bed during dreaming, to energetically cleanse your dream space. As it clears energies it is good for increasing natural inspiration.

Sodalite is good for mental activities and intuition, and assists self-discipline and efficiency. Sodalite also helps one with inner journeys - dreamtime, meditation and shamanic journeys. It helps one stay focused and integrate the parts of self to assist one to be present and learn in the moment.

Sugilite is a lovely stone for becoming a 'beacon of light'. It has many helpful qualities for opening to the spiritual journey. It can ground energies, dissipate negative influences and create a shield of light. Sugilite helps awaken the crown chakra and activates the violet flame of purification. It is also very helpful in enhancing the depth of dreams and meditation.

Tiger Eye is a solar stone of vitality. It activates the intellect and is good for mental clarity. Tiger eye stimulates the root and solar plexus chakras. It assists with discernment and helps with handling the challenges of life while remaining grounded. Tiger-eye also creates a vibration of protection.

Tiger Iron contains beautiful layers of Japer, Tiger Eye and Hematite. It has an abundance of physical energies and is good for stamina and courage. It can help one balance between extremes of vitality and action with being practically grounded. Tiger iron is also a stone of mental clarity and intelligence. In the solar plexus it renews vitality and in the root chakra brings calmness strengthens the grounding cord. Tiger iron is good for taking action, and very good for self healing, especially chronic illnesses.

Tabular crystals are great for laying other crystals on. In this way you can work with clearing, charging and programming other crystals for specific manifestation. They are great to put jewelry on for charging and programming. Tabular crystals strength is in connecting and balancing. They can be used to blend energies between two chakras and balance energies between two people. Some tabulars are record keepers; there is a special quality to the tabular shape that is good for keeping records.

Generator crystals hold and focus energy. They can be programmed to direct co creative energy, healing and prayers. The point of a generator is majestic and focuses the energy of the crystal, and can direct your will and intention. Generator crystals are considered teachers' portals and knowledge keepers.

Spheres emanate wholeness, completeness, striving for excellence and balance. Spheres also enhance expansion. They tend to foster a sense of wholeness and connection with human consciousness, and can help humans tune into planetary consciousness. Spheres are feminine in orientation. Within spheres every point is a center, which resonates a spiritual feeling of home.

Double terminated crystals radiate independent and self reliant energy. They grow in two different directions. Natural double terminated crystals can receive and transmit energy in through either point. They broke off or grew away from the family cluster. Their message is about finding one's own direction, path and truth. Their energy can run in many directions. They have a special message of 'in polarity there is wholeness'.

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