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We have a lot more in stock and new crystals coming in every week! Call Kirby if you need a specific crystal or mineral. The distinctive pieces shown here have been personally selected because of their exceptional qualities. Discover what you are intuitively attracted to for the unique crystals that can best assist you.

Click on image to view larger image and read more information about each piece.
I2 Celestite Egg
Length: 3.6”
Weight: 1.44 lbs
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I3 Very Large Double Terminated Crystal on Tabular Crystal
Height: 12.5”
Width: 11”
Weight: 44 lbs
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I5 Double Terminated Clear Quartz
Weight: .8 lbs
Length: 4.25”
more info
I6 Pyrite Cluster
Dimensions: 2.5” X 2”
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I7 Large Spanish Cubic Pyrite
Height: 4”
Width: 2.75”
Depth: 4”
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I8 Smokey Polished Elestial from Madagascar
Weight: 2.5 lbs
Depth: 1.75”
Height: 3”
more info
I9 Plume Agate Slice
Depth: .8”
Base: 5.5” X 4”
Weight” 1.42 lb
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I10 Hydro Quartz Cluster
Length: 10”
Height: 5”
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I11 Ethiopian Opal Disc
Diameter: 1.25” X 1.25”
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I12 Peridot Crystal Terminated Crystal on Tabular Crystal
Length: 1”
Width .6 X .6
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