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Kirby Seid is available to bring the Light Labyrinth, Sha Na Ra and spectacular ancient crystals for sessions and workshops at stores and conferences. Call or email Kirby for more information.

Sha Na Ra
As a symbolic vessel for human consciousness, various ancient cultures have used carved stone skulls in ceremonies. Sometimes they served as portals into specific realms of spirit helpers and ancestors. These special talismans have been used as record keepers, witnesses to important events, and as keepers of sacred dreams, knowledge and power.

Sha Na Ra, is the name of an authentic ancient crystal skull guardianed by Mrs. Nocerino and the late F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino. Nick discovered Sha Na Ra and spent many years personally working with and sharing this cherished artifact with others. Many people have had deep visions, intuitions, past life recalls, and messages from the unseen with Sha Na Ra. The human skull as a resonating cavity acts as a vibrating mechanism to translate energies to and from the brain. The crystal skull makes immediate resonant identification with the head and brain of a human and can potentially assist human brains to download information for higher dimensional communications. By placing the light technology through the skull, people can access varied frequencies of expanded consciousness. See The Light Labyrinth.

Nick Nocerino was the first person to search for crystal skulls, and is considered the founder of the crystal skull research. He was the first to receive the information on the “thirteen crystal skulls”. Even though he is well known for his work with crystal skulls, he had a wide range of material he taught and researched including minerals and intuitive psychic development. Nick was a gifted teacher, a teacher's teacher, who helped many, many students develop intuitive awareness. He applied a great deal of research to his teachings of parapsychology. He cleared land and properties of negative influences and also worked on police investigations. He contributed a monumental amount of notes, videos and articles that have yet to be published. He had both an objective academic and a deeply personal perspective with crystals and crystal skulls.

A personal note from Kirby: “F.R. 'Nick' Nocerino was a teacher and friend who offered me challenges and led me to opportunities that changed my life. Nick Nocerino could intuit people's life challenges and lessons and help them understand these lessons on a deeper level. Not only was he a teacher passing on knowledge, he walked his talk, creating supportive relationships and a dignified ethical teaching environment. Even as he was leaving he told me he had so much more work to do, there was so much more to heal in this world. Personally, Nick connected me to the people that helped me develop the Light Labyrinth and the new work I am doing now with crystal and light consciousness. I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for the Nocerino family.”

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