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Designed by Marcel Vogel, the former director for crystal development at IBM, Vogel Cut Tools are crafted using sacred geometry that enhances the crystal's ability to receive, store and transmit Life Force Energy. A Vogel crystal is used to amplify thought and energy in the crystal and direct coherent healing energy. Coherence in light is the property exhibited by a laser beam. The intention of thought and energy put into a Vogel designed crystal becomes amplified and highly focused, like a laser beam.
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Call Kirby for special orders made specifically for you. We are currently updating our current stock of Vogel Crystals. Please call us or check back later to view our current stock.
Our precise and outstanding Vogel Tools are cut by Master cutter Drew Tousley who managed Marcel Vogel's studio for many years. He is an excellent technical cutter and a sensitive artist. He blends both skills into crafting a special Vogel Tool that is personally attuned for each healer/practitioner. We also have complex Vogel tools crafted by other excellent highly qualified Vogel cutters that are beautifully and technically precise as well.

The majority of our Vogel Tools are crafted by special order. We specialize in crafting a personalized Vogel Cut Tools to enhance the type of healing work you are doing.

Kirby explains the process, “Additionally, I finds the best clear optical piezoelectric grade natural quartz material available for each special order tool. The process usually takes about 2-3 weeks for us the piece to be finished. We custom cut the crystal by programming it while it is being cut. Drew Tousley is the cutter that managed Marcel Vogel's crystal cutting studio for well over 10 years. He goes into a concentrated trance state while cutting the crystals. I give him your name and information about your healing tradition. I also like to add a few more personal and relevant pieces of information into the programing/cutting process, such as power animals, power places for you, numbers, astrological sign, unseen friends, and other healing traditions you practice within, and anything else that relates to the functioning of the crystal for you. You don't have to write a lot, just a few words. And then he uses his artistry to craft a personal Vogel Tools specific for you and your work.”

When working with Vogel quartz tools it is important to clarify your positive intention and cleanse your quartz crystals tools between sessions.

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